Small ink big decision, The 2016 presidential election

It has been a long and unsettling election season, and On Tuesday November 8th, Americans will be faced with a tough decision: who to vote into office in the 2016 presidential election. Coloradans will choose between over 20 candidates on the ballot, however the two candidates trending in the polls right now are Hillary Clinton (representing the Democratic party) and Donald trump (representing the Republican party). Popular third party representatives include Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Even McMullin, along with several more. Not only will this election affect tax raises and education factors, it will greatly affect the average teen and college student.

The Question Of Third Party

Since over 50 percent of americans favor one side more or unfavor both sides the question of a third party candidate vote comes into play. Is voting for a third party candidate a waste of a vote or will it actually make a difference? The answer can go both ways.

If you are thinking about voting for a third party candidate the dominant candidates leading the third parties are Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, and Evan McMullin. All third party candidates bring new topics and opinions to the presidential election that maybe sway your vote if you are indecisive. Jill Stein( for the green party) is very much about the environment and has big plans to “ levy a tax on emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and eliminate subsidies for the fossil-fuel and nuclear industries.” Says The Washington Post. Gary Johnson( for the libertarian party ) on the other hand is strongly supportive of a small leading government and believes in balancing the budget. Some of Gary Johnson's big campaign policies are the same as Hillary's or Trumps, such as immigration, abortion etc. America is facing such as the debt America holds. Johnson proposes that “He would veto any appropriations by congress that would require the government to borrow money”(The Washington Post on Gary Johnson).

What the Presidential Candidates plan to do

Initially Hillary Clinton and her running mate Donald Trump, have two completely different ideas of what they think America should become. Clinton's big campaign project is focused on the middle class and the high class. She plans to increase taxes on the higher class and put more to the middle class, meaning those that are richer than about 40% of the country and also poorer than 40% of the country would be paying $44 according to the washington post,more annually under Clinton's tax proposals. This would affect the long term agreements Hillary wants to introduce instead of short term business agreements that will create more steady jobs for Americans.

Donald Trump on the other hand wants to cut the seven tax branches on more than half leaving it from 7 to 3. Those who are making less than $75,000 will be taxed 12%. Those who are making more than $75,000 but less than $225,000 will be taxed 25% and those who make more than $225,000 will be taxed 33%. You may not think this will affect you in a big way but for those who are employed and living by minimum wage these may determine how you spend your summer vacations.

Minimum wage

Hillary Clinton has stated that she thinks federal minimum wage should be increased, for now she has only endorsed a $12 hourly income. She believes that states should have the ability to set them however high they want them. The voters initially want a $15 hourly income but Hillary says she prefers this policy but if congress were to present her with a bill to raise it from $12 to $15 she would sign it.

Donald Trump wants to raise minimum wage but he says they should not raise it too high. He claims that states should decide how much they want to raise the wage but he initially says he would raise it to $10 an hour from the average rate or $7.25. Trump said that raising America's minimum wage would hurt the competitiveness globally making work forces less powerful or necessary.

Health Care

As many have seen when it comes to the current HealthCare situation in America both Candidates can never seem to find a stable ground for how they think the system should work. Trump proposes that America strip the economy of The affordable care act;Obama Care, and start completely from scratch. By doing this trump will “broaden healthcare access, make healthcare more affordable and improve the quality of the care available to all Americans.”

One of Trump’s biggest goals is to make it so that people can buy their own HealthCare if wanted and discontinue the HealthCare act as a law when a lot of people don't necessarily need it. This will affect the current standing for college students and high school students that are sharing their parents health insurance significantly. With the present-day insurance plan, College students will be able to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26 and after they will need to purchase their own plan. With Trump's new proposals all the old acts put in place will be reset essentially starting a new healthcare system where college students will no longer be able to be on their parents plan. If his bill gets put into function than the expectation of his policy is to lower insurance rates, and implement more employees signing for their own individualized plans as a substitute of company wide policies.

On the contrary, Hillary Plans to keep the Affordable care act and continue to build off of its success and to work on its weaknesses. Clinton wants to be able to reduce the costs and to “ crack down on drug companies charging excessive prices, and provide a new credit to those facing high health expenses.” In past years the original healthcare acts have caused many to pay a absurdly high out- of- pocket cost towards their deductible if they were to get sick and need to see their local doctor. In Clinton's new healthcare act she will require employers and insurers to allow up to three sick visits before they employee needs to pay the charge toward the deductible making the affordable care act more affordable and less of a hassle for those who don’t believe that it helps. It has helped over 10 million people from all over the united states and has helped the income of families significantly.

Family Leave

The United States is the only developed nation that does not have full paid leave of any sort. In Hillarys new plan she wants to guarantee up to twelve weeks of paid leave to families in need of medical help or assisting critically ill family members. Hillary wants to ensure “ hardworking Americans get at least two-thirds of their current wages, up to a ceiling, while on leave.” ( on family leave). By doing so she will raise taxes on the wealthy and not the hardworking middle class. This will make the worry of losing a job less and reassure many Americans.

Donald Trump has another plan that will work but it might not be the one everyone is agreeing on. Trump's plan is to give family leave to those who need need it and give a 6 week free paid leave, according to Politico he also is planning” expanding opportunities for stay-at-home parents to deduct their expenses”. Trump’s plan would not include those making over $250,000 or couples making more than $500,000 in a year.

College Education

Every year College tuition is rising by 9% in a public 4 year sector (university), making price of housing, food, and books, to rise more and more annually. Clinton plans to ”make college affordable so that you don't have to borrow ... and pay off your (student) debt,” This policy will enforce no student debt by making students not have to pay tuition. Hillary wants to make all community colleges offer free tuition to loosen up financial stress making school easier to go to and so students can spend more time focusing on their studies.

Donald Trump has a different plan for college students. Although very vague, he informs the people that he plans to do something about the big student loan crisis and that “we’ve got to have something with extensions and lower interest rates.” This could mean that coming from both sides college students will see a big change incorporating student loans and tuition.

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