State Wrestling: Round 1 Recap & Day 2 Preview

Championship quarterfinals start at 12:45

Consolation Round 1 starts right after the conclusion of quarterfinal matches

Semifinals & 2nd round Consolation starts at 7:15

*Erie Went 4-2 in round 1 yesterday

Adam Evertz

Yesterday Adam got off to a very good start with a take down of Stephenson only 50 seconds in. It then only took a half a minute longer for Evertz to get the pin and move on into the quarterfinals. Unfortunately for Evertz he has to face the class favorite Dominick Serrano. Serrano is a national ranked freshman who is undefeated at 47-0 and pinned Evertz in the first period in their previous match-up this year. If Evertz can pull of the victory, it would be considered on of the biggest upsets of the tournament.

Sean-Tyler Curell

Yesterday Sean-Tyler Curell stepped on the mat in the Pepsi Center for the first time in his career. He was quickly taken down and pinned at 1:44. In round one of the consolation Curell will face Nick Stiltner (Palmer Ridge) a junior with a 29-11 record. If Curell can move on he would probably face Donnie Liles (Mitchell) later today.

Adrian Rincon

Adrian, like Curell, also had a very tough first round matchup. Rincon was trailing 9-0 when he was eventually pinned at 5:11 in the match. If Rincon hopes to place he will first have to knock off Mario DeLara (Battle Mountain), a 33-11 junior who lost 16-1 last night in his frist round match.

Ernie Quintana

Ernie Quintana took on the strong 138 pounder out of Northridge in Jordan Jackson. Quintana tactically dominated throughout the match. After a quick escape to start the third period, Quintana got a quick takedown for a 7-0 lead and would not relent for the rest of the period. Quintana will now face Jared Turner from Discovery Canyon a junior checkin in at 31-12. This is a big match for Ernie especially considering if he wins he will face the undefeated wrestler Chris Sandoval from Windsor, who Quintana lost to earlier this month.

Zach Roper

Zach Roper probably had the craziest match of the day that was filled with takedowns and reversals. While leading 15-7, Roper finally got the pin to win it. Today Roper has a big matchup with Dylan McBride, who is the younger brother of multiple state champions and current CSU Rams football player Toby McBride. McBride hails from Fort Morgan and only has three losses on the year. The good news is that he is a little raw and very agressive, Roper tends to do better vs wrestlers that are agressive and cant figure out his unorthodox style.

Nate Hackney

Finally the biggest news of last night was probably that Nate Hackney advanced to round number two with a 2-1 over the Skyline wrestler Ricky Childers. Today Hackney will start with Jeff Flippen (Vista Ridge) who is a bit of a wild card. Flippen is the top seed in this quarter of the bracket but is only 9-4 on the year. Flippen won by pin yesterday. The best news about this is that Hackney is probably the best conditioned heavy weight in the bracket and if he faces a wreslter who spent much of the season on the mend, there's a chance he could ware Flippen down and steal the win.

Good Luck to all the Tigers today. We will keep those reports rolling in!

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